School Licence Programme

Imagine all your students having unlimited access to ProTutor Premium? Think how much easier it would be to set homework and revision assignments? And how valuable this would make your classroom time?

With a school licence, Accounting Teachers can enrol their 5th Year and 6th Year classes in ProTutor's Leaving Cert Accounting Premium programme. As teacher, you receive free access to Premium and your students are enrolled at a significant discount to the standard enrollment fee.

Your students will gain unlimited access to all of ProTutor’s online resources for the two-year duration of Senior Cycle. No more need for text books, past papers or revision guides. With ProTutor Premium an entire digital syllabus is just a click away. Expert notes on every topic plus all the theory, worked examples, solution procedures, mock and past exam questions. And over 100 easy-to-follow bite size video tutorials to help embed your classroom learning.

With a fully online curriculum, teachers can plan classwork and homework assignments without fear of interruption to physical class room time. You and your students will have 24/7 online access, on any device, on a secure platform. 

To find out how to get a licence for your school, please email me at:

[email protected]