What our students say…

“I would highly recommend Protutor. I began Accounting in 5th year, but I did not complete Business for my Junior Certificate. I really struggled with the subject. I found Protutor and I thoroughly enjoyed Brian’s approach to teaching. The tutorials are extremely useful. Everything is very clear and easy to understand and I thoroughly enjoyed them. 6th Year is a very stressful year and it was very relieving to know that I could access the course at any time. I am extremely thankful for Protutor and for how much help the course has provided me with.”

Sara Enright - 6th Year student

“ProTutor is an easy and convenient way to cover the Accounting course at your own pace. With concise theory notes on each topic and a comprehensive range of practice questions, I was able to gain confidence with the material using both the video tutorials and the notes. I would highly recommend Protutor to anyone studying Leaving Cert Accounting at Higher Level.”

Caroline Collins - 6th Year student

Thank you so much. An amazing tool !! Really helped me improve !!

Matthew Hogan - 6th Year student

"Before finding ProTutor, I would have been terrified going into the exam. But now I know the layout of all of the topics and have a greater depth of understanding of what’s being asked. The notes have a really good step-by-step approach to each topic and also focused in on theory. I haven’t looked at my book once since receiving the notes . I would definitely recommend ProTutor to anyone looking to get a good result in accounting ."

Emma Boland - 6th Year student

“I would definitely recommend ProTutor. I only realised how much I was struggling with accounting when I started using the online lessons. There is no way I could have gotten the grade I got without them. I achieved the result I wanted and it was mostly down to ProTutor's help.”

Maeliosa Kyne - 6th Year student

Brian’s knowledge, experience and excellent course delivery provided a great learning experience. I highly recommend ProTutor to students sitting the Leaving Cert Accounting exam.

Fiachra Henry - 6th Year student

"ProTutor was helpful as it motivated me to actually study and practice accounting on a regular basis. I am more confident now as I know that I have accumulated sufficient hours of accounting practice. The online school attracted me as it is accessible and easy to use. It is exam-focused and offers clear and concise ways of completing accounting questions in order to achieve maximum marks.”

Christing Feng - 6th Year student