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This online curriculum covers all of the major exam topics on your syllabus. The easier topics come first followed by the more challenging ones! However, you're free to jump around this curriculum as you please. You can skip or repeat topics or just focus in on the bits you need (e.g. past exam questions). It all depends on your study needs and your level of proficiency in that topic.


Each topic comes with its own set of our expert notes which you can download by clicking on the link. Our notes are the most comprehensive available. They should be your starting point in each topic. They summarise all of the key learnings and contain all the theory, worked examples, exam questions, model solutions and marking schemes you will need.

Video Tutorials

Many topics include pre-recorded video tutorials. These tutorials are an excellent way to reinforce the learnings from your notes. The tutorials appear in a recommended viewing order in each topic and correspond to specific chapters in the notes. You will see "Video Tutorial" highlighted in red in your notes at the top of the relevant chapter to remind you that you can view a video on that chapter. For mock and past exam questions, we recommend you attempt the question first, before viewing the solution tutorial.


The online curriculum also includes pre-recorded webinars in a number of topics. These are longer than the video tutorials and focus on applying our recommended solution procedures to specific exam questions.

Exam Strategy

"Build Your Game Plan", is our exclusive exam strategy guide for Leaving Cert Higher Level Accounting. This short module tells you everything you need to know about the structure of the exam and the question choices you will have to make. This will help you to more effective with your study time and exam preparation.

Mock Exam

The mock exam is a complete Leaving Cert Higher Level exam standard paper. The model solution includes a detailed marking scheme which allows you to grade your attempt. Correcting your own paper is an excellent way to identify shortcomings in key topics and sharpen up your exam preparation.

Personalised Tutor Support

With VIP, you get the added benefit of personalised tutor support throughout the year, right up until your exam. This means that if you have a questions on any topic, or about any aspect of the course, at any time, you can contact me directly by email at: [email protected]

I will endeavour to respond to your questions as quickly as possible.

One Last Thing!

If you opt in for email communications, you will receive one or two emails a week from ProTutor which will update you on things like new resources being added to our online programmes and other relevant events such as webinars. There is no obligation to opt in for email communications. This is completely up to you and you can change your privacy settings anytime in your profile. Just keep in mind that, if you do opt out, we will not be contacting you on updates. In that case, you will need to check the online curriculum yourself for any changes, including new resources.

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