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Chartered Accountants Ireland launches online Boot Camp programme for Senior Cycle Accounting Nov 14, 2019 Chartered Accountants Ireland launched its online Boot Camp programme to support Senior Cycle Accounting students at an event in Dublin on Tuesday. The programme, which is also being...


Leaving Cert Accounting - How to knock Ratios out of the park

How many of you plan to do Q.5 on the higher level paper next June? If past Examiner’s Reports are anything to go by, probably about half of you. When you consider that Ratio Analysis (Interpretation of Accounts) is the nearest thing you can get to a certainty on the exam (it’s come up as Q.5...


Boost your Leaving Cert Accounting grade with top marks in theory

Did you know that theory requirements can be worth up to 12% of the total marks on the higher-level paper? It depends on your question choices but, either way, getting your theory answers right can be the difference between making or missing your target grade in the exam. Theory is examined in...